Thank you for expressing an interest in our services. Here is a list of features we provide. If you have any questions please contact us using the support link above.

  • Powerful Price and Volume Based Trading Alerts Using Smart Volume Analysis
  • 3 different account membership options
  • Overseen by the creator of Smart Volume Analysis and Smart Volume Spread Analysis
  • Full Trade History For Each Account Type (Independently Verified)
  • Alerts in all Markets and All Time-Frames *
  • Trading Alerts Across Multiple Time-frames *
  • Alerts Sent Instantly Via SMS (Mobile)
  • Trade Copier (Auto Trader) *
  • Dedicated Client (Coming Soon**)
  • Proprietary Real Time Monitoring Systems
  • Alerts in multiple markets
  • Advanced exit and trade protection systems
  • Multiple timeframe alerts 24 hours a day and much more all in real-time.
  • In-depth market analysis using the very systems which are used in the advanced product to provide regular trade alerts in several key markets. (Advanced Members)
  • Details of valid Smart Volume Analysis Trades with full EOM (Proprietary Systems) targets (All Members*)
  • Archives of each alert so you can study entry and EOM target effectiveness of Smart Volume Analysis (All Members Via Private Group Pages –  Coming Soon)
  • Optional Software add-in packages so you can follow the trade alerts in your own account (Advanced Members**)
  • Simple and affordable package pricing (All Members)

The service replaces the time consuming manual background analysis work you would otherwise need to do, leaving you free to make considered and enlightened trading decisions
We have a very limited number of spots available so reserve your place today. We expect these places to fill very quickly

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* Some limitations for Basic Members
** Coming soon to Standard Members